Cutest boo with her exo cake 💕 awwww
I love lavishing myself with nice soft top, like this one. So soft and comfortable, from @little_muses . Ah the silk 💕
@jessicathomaas ‘s birthday party, thankyou ! 💕 u look amazing 🌸


Go follow and shop @de_frior for great quality clothes ! Trusted and great service. Come come ! 💕
Happy birthday futfutt ❤️ i hope everything will go well this year. You have a great personality and it’s such a pleasure to have been friends with u all this time, love you 😊
I dont think there’s anyone that could nearly pull of a fine pose like this, looking all classy and shit. Anyway, safeflight and take good care of yourself there, know the goods and know the bads, that way u wont be affected by them. Seeyou very soon! Going to miss you like my own bro 😷
Grid case from @teal_house , perfect simplicity to wrap up my phone 📞
Do u think we’re artsy enuf ✨
Mad cute banana pin from @pinfo_lks so cute 🍌 

Got this box of delicacies sent over to me by @theglazepatisserie , they have just launched their latest macarons flavours and let me try em right away. Try for yourself these MILO & CRUNCHY CONUTER MACARONS, definitely love the milo flavour because it tastes soooooo good. Ps: this is the FIRST Milo Macarons you could find in town, only by @theglazepatisserie